YIT Leading solutions for vehicle fleet management

Advantages list

  1. The perfect software for managing a vehicular fleet

    We provide the leading technological solutions to address current business challenges in vehicle fleet management.
  2. When your technology is a step ahead – your business races ahead!

    The line of products we’re launching is at the forefront of technology and significantly improves work efficiency.
  3. Commitment to quality service

    Providing fast professional service is a top priority. We invest extensively to be sure our clients get high quality service
  4. Our advantage over competitors

    We provide an extensive range of solutions which optimally address your needs and business targets

Our Solution

We provide the largest range of solutions optimally addressing our clients’ business needs and targets

Israel’s leading system for fully managing public transportation. We offer end to end solutions for existing needs including integrations with the Ministry of Transportation, interfaces with vehicle systems, smart tools for work managing and planning  Read more







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